Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mosqueda Bmx Park Summer Pro/Am. Fresno, Ca.

Beginner Winners. Awesome!

My buddy Diego Enriquez. He is an awesome young shredder. He rode solid in Intermediate. Good job, dude!

So many good young riders. I love to see that. 

Andreas Wenzel is so creative on his bike. 270 ET here.

Super slow, busdriver. Taylor Belchelier.

Mosqeda Bmx Park. Fresno, Ca. Andrew Topa.

Jesse Washington is a local shredder at Mosqueda. His buddies were begging for this flip. 

Ricky Acosta won Expert. Dialed 810.

Judges. Handling the business. Waylon!

Pro practice was scary to watch. A few hard crashes and one knock out. 

Sponsored by Kink, Cult, Eye BMX, & Fresno Parks & Rec.

Victor Salazar. Double whip, hip.

Brandon Hoffman. 3 table.

Chad Osburn. Steezed out nac.

Brandon Hoffman. Tdown, transfer.

Chad. One footer to lookback, transfer.

Kevin Peraza. Triple whip.

Chad Osburn. Wallride table.

Cody Mckenna. Doublewhip.

Kevin Peraza. Superman seatgrab.

Cody Mckenna. Nac transfer, into the vert quarter.

Cody McKenna, Supernac seatgrab. Awesome.

Downside whip. 

Daniel Sandoval. 810 cork.

Daniel Sandoval. Bar to footjam.

Daniel Sandoval. Fronty nohand.

Jason lopez. 3 doublewhip.  He also did a 3 whip to late 3. Nuts. This whole contest was nuts.

Kevin Peraza. Flair bar thing. Nuts.

Kevin Peraza. Hip decade.

Pro winners. Awesome!

Pro Results: 1st Kevin Peraza, 2nd Chad Osburn, 3rd Jason Lopez, 4th Daniel Sandoval, 5th Ben Snowden, 6th Cody Mckenna, 7th Brandon Hoffman, 8th Victor Salazar, 9th Jason Johnson & Nick Noble (tie), 10th David Peraza, 11th  Eric Cisneros, 12th Andrew Lang, 13th Ty Callais, 14th Kenny Kekow.

Honorable mentions on the day were: Ben Snowden's transfer lines, all the young shredders, Ryan Garcia, Andreas Wenzel, Chad Osburn, Eric Cisneros, Waylon Borroughs, Willy, Moist One, Jesse Washington, The Peraza family, Ron Wilkerson & 2 Hip, Robbie Morales & Cult, Kink Bicycle Co, Eye BMX & AVE, Fresno, and everyone who came out to watch the show!

I can't say enough about the whole Fresno scene. Great riding and Amazing people. Get out there. Ride the city parks and trails. Check out the streets. Look in to the Bmx Sanctuary, located nearby. You just might discover gold in Central, Ca!

Photos/words: Erik E

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