Monday, February 28, 2011


Recently I took a weekend trip to Minneapolis on some Bmx business. In the evenings I had the good fortune of hanging out at The Twin Cities Fantasy Factory, which is a private ramp lockout. These kids deal with worst weather you could imagine through the winter months. Needless to say, the local indoor park scene turns in to a mess of razor scooters, skateboarders, and newby squirrel 20" riders. So something had to be done about this..

This is the first video from the Fantasy Factory. With ramp construction work ongoing, and a short list of heavy shredding dudes who are even aloud to ride here, I am pretty sure there will be much more riding going down in Minneapolis this year.

I hope you enjoy the quick edit. Some of the filming is shakey at best, because I was splitting time between kick outs and camera takes.

-Erik E

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